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The Service: provides Internet server space for its members for a fee for the express purpose of providing http content to the general public. In addition to this our members may also receive Internet mail after taking the steps to set up the mail boxes and forwarding accounts. Users are permitted to access their web space via FTP to upload files for their web sites. Also we may from time to time offer other services that relate to the selling Internet Marketing, Website design, or Internet server space. These services may change from time to time.

Cost and Payment For The Service:
Current pricing information may be obtained from our website at By accepting this agreement you agree to pay the current rate for the service as indicated on the web site. You agree that has the right to debit the account that you use to sign up for the service until you cancel with service in writing, understanding that it takes up to 72 hours for such cancellation to take affect. You agree that if payment is not paid for any reason by you, your financial institution or credit card company, that we will contact you and you will be given 48 hours to bring your account up to date. You agree that after this time your account may be disabled until payment is made. If your account is disabled for this reason, we may charge you a $20.00 re-activation fee. You agree that no refunds to your account will be made after termination of agreement either by or by the you - the client.

All clients acknowledge the setup fee is non-refundable.

Use of the service:
The use of any of our servers is to be bound by the terms of this agreement, the web site at, and other information that is made available to you.

You may not in the use of the service break any state local or federal laws. You agree that may remove any information that it finds or is reported to be unlawful. You also understand that may terminate your account if it feels that your website information or content is unlawful. You may not in anyway send unsolicited bulk e-mail, post to news groups in a way that do not conform with the rules of that group that can be traced back to our network, your website or you. By doing so you automatically terminate your service with You may not display content from your website promoting, SPAM, bulk email or illegal websites or illegal activities.

Availability of the service:
The Internet is a complex network of equipment and for that reason the service may not be available to you at all times. will do everything in it's power to maintain availability however a certain amount of down time can be expected. In no way shall be held liable for any interruption in service for any cause. Should you not be able to reach you site please contact us at to report the problem. will repair the problem as soon as possible.

The agreement and the service may change from time to time, it will be posted at or on this page 30 days before you will be bound by the new terms.

Both and you have the right to terminate your service at any time by providing written notice via email. If you terminate the service it may take up to 72 hours before billing stops.

Privacy: agrees not to provide any entity (corporate or individual) with any details about any past or present client. This includes all contact details (e.g. emails, mailing address etc.) except where required by law.

Legal Action: cannot be held liable for any content posted by clients, or any damages you, your business or any other entity suffer as a result of downtime, loss of data or termination of your account. Any legal action must be taken in the city of Islip, in the state of New York in the country of United States.

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